Far too many reported UFO-related encounters have strikingly similar commonalities, especially regarding the beings who occupy these miraculous crafts. Even more strangely is that those commonalities further buttress and validate the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s claim that he met the Supreme Being. It becomes easier to deduce exactly why governments, media, and world powers have misled the public about UFOs. Simply knowing that a higher power exists would not be as shocking to the world as finding out those powers are connected to the true Chosen people of God, which happen to be the oppressed Black and original people of the earth.

Elijah Muhammad Wheels

Unbeknownst to most, many reported UFO encounters have confirmed this connection to Black people. One of the early, yet less known encounters involved two Caucasian sisters, Betty and Helen Mitchell, who claimed to have numerous encounters with the occupants of wheel-shaped UFOs in the late 1950s. Their accounts further corroborate Muhammad’s description of the people and purposes of these crafts. They shared these words in their 1959 book, We Met The Space People:

While in the coffee shop we were approached in a very mannerly way by two gentlemen dressed in grey suits, who managed to interrupt into our private conversation. As they spoke to us we found that they were from a huge mother-craft orbiting the planet Earth, and that their names were Elen and Zelas...

...They told us of the reasons why the space people were coming to Earth and that they were here to guide Earth along the lines of Brotherhood and Science.

The sisters offered very lucid descriptions of these ‘space people’. The fact that they did not describe Hollywood-styled aliens is probably why their accounts find little popularity outside of ufological circles. Instead they described humans and gave further descriptions of their range of dark complexions:

I was then introduced to three men and learned that one was Alna, the commander of all craft operation upon Earth. Alna spoke with a very heavy accent, and was much darker than any of the others. His skin had a high bronze tint to it, as compared with the lighter complexions of the others.

This account is no different from what Messenger Muhammad revealed decades earlier. These dark-skinned men that Betty and Helen encountered were frequently described as “the Brothers”—the same terminology that Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam have used to describe the occupants on the wheels. He taught that the scientists (angels) who pilot and occupy the wheels are original people from earth who are of different complexions ranging from very dark to very light-skinned. Of course, Muhammad used much plainer terms such as the Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow man. These variations of hues enable ‘the Brothers’ to access resources without alarming ‘the enemy’ just as the very light-skinned (white-looking) Master Fard Muhammad was able to do so. These are the same type of people who had an ongoing working relationship with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Instead of outright admitting that the Nation of Islam is right and exact about these entities, some UFO researchers have re-labeled the human UFO occupants and pilots from extra-terrestrials to ultra-terrestrials,which is merely a fancy term to describe the supremely advanced (darker) people from these crafts who happen to be from earth. 

These brothers and sisters aboard the wheels are not from another planet or galaxy (although they have interplanetary travel capabilities); rather they are from the same earth as those reading this article. However, they are certainly from a different social, educational, mental, and spiritual world. Earth simply serves as the primary base whereby they can access other parts of the universe. After all, the power of Allah (God) and his angels are not limited to earth; the earth is His footstool while his throne and wisdom encompasses all within the heavens. Hence, the Holy Qur’an denotes Allah (God) as the Lord of all the worlds (Rab-bil aa-la-meen). These worlds include the life on this planet as well as the life that exists throughout the universe.

The association of the wheels with the darker people gives another reason why world powers have secretive UFO concerns, which is why many have never even heard of the UFO sighting near Ariel School on September 16, 1994. According to Cynthia Hinds report, "The Children of Ariel School - Case No. #96," dozens of school children (ages 5-12) of various ethnicities witnessed one of the most evident, yet seldom talked about UFO encounters. This event occurred in Ruwa, Zimbabwe when 62 school children witnessed a circular UFO land behind trees near their playground. From this craft, short Black men were seen with straight black hair. One of them came out relatively close to the playground before going back to the circular silvery craft.

The children described these people as wearing fitting outfits with very dark skin. One of the schoolgirls who witnessed the encounter said that she felt that God was coming. Whether she understood it or not, those planes and the people associated with them are indeed practical evidences of God's presence in the world. Little did those children know that they witnessed tangible signs of a realistic Supreme Being. Strangely, there had been reports of UFOs in the skies over Zimbabwe only two days before.

Nearly a dozen of the older children were recorded on BBC television giving their accounts of this sighting. Some of their reports and drawings can be easily accessed from various online sites. Unsurprisingly, this major sighting and encounter has caught very little attention by U.S. media, likely because the children's descriptions of their sighting bear witness to the truth the Nation of Islam has been explicating for decades.

Black people being sighted and reported as UFO occupants is nothing new or strange. In fact this has been a common thread among many witnesses who have seen or encountered these 'beings' from UFO crafts. The Black and original people's connection to these planes explains an important reason behind the cover-up. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have fervently explained the messianic purpose of these crafts regarding their connection to God's chosen people and how these planes will be used to protect them from their open enemies.

Since the destroyed Black nation has no military institutions strong enough to overcome the White Western powers of the world, Allah (God) has orchestrated his supreme technology, which now has contemporary world powers in awe. The fact that these highly advanced crafts are operated by a supreme power associated with dark people shatters the fiber of white supremacy—an idea that has poisoned and influenced the entire world. If this truth about so-called UFOs became known, the very foundation upon which global militaries operate would be crumbled. Hence, a major factor of world governments' attempts to conceal the UFO reality involves these planes’ connections to Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan, and the Black (and Original) people of God's choice. 

With all the red tape associated with disclosing information about UFO sightings, some former military and government workers have used radio broadcasts to anonymously share information that would otherwise bring trouble to them. Some nationally syndicated radio programs like Coast To Coast AM have become a hotbed for UFO reports. While some calls and reports are clearly outlandish, there tends to be some accounts that convey a sense of credibility. One caller who was simply identified as Charles from Echo Park, California described himself as a 67-year old former Vietnam Aero Vet who now has a 'Red File'. In a May 2013 broadcast, he disclosed what he claims to have witnessed during the 1980s while on a U.S. Air Force base.

Here, three cigar-shaped spaceships were sighted. One of the ships, which he described as over a mile long, landed on this base. Several hundred young Black men came out the back of the craft standing in military-styled ranks. When describing what he saw, Charles exclaimed, "This particular race that landed those ships and that are seen in these huge cigar-shaped ships—they are a Black race, they looked like African Americans!" He continued that they had a look about them as though “they had never been conquered.”

While this research does not assume that Charles' account is fully credible, it does stand to reason that such an encounter would not be too farfetched. After all, the U.S. Government has, on several occasions, officially denied and lied about their UFO encounters and the reality of this phenomenon because of its connection to the darker people of the earth. The Honorable Minister Farrakhan has been warning America about this reality, but what will it take for the people to heed the voice of this divine servant?

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August 29, 2017 @06:16 am
That comment about the very short black men I believe that. There would not be such a high level of security if it was not to keep white supremacy in power.
August 29, 2017 @06:14 am
What is in us is around us and what is around us is in us. The truth in us is trying to come out. My two web sites.
January 03, 2017 @06:24 pm
ASA, I know for a fact that these planes are indeed REAL. As a young teenager I was blessed to see one in the company of my mother, May Allah be pleased with her. When were looking out of our terrace door one evening and there was a HUGE light in the sky. I remember asking my mother why the star was so low and so bright. Her answer to me was, have you ever seen a star that low or bright? As we went out on the terrace in the middle of the winter no less, the huge light started to turn, as it turned it also lifted up to the left very slowly at first, then it increased in speed. It appeared like it was in two half's. Approximately, ten minutes after the sighting there were about 10 to 15 helicopters in the area circling the entire area where the plane had been. The next day a New Jersey paper covered it by simply saying "Strange sighting above Hudson Bay". I will NEVER forget being blessed to see that plane. Months later I joined the Nation and then and only then did I receive a thorough understanding of what I actually saw. All Praises are due to Allah!
Charlene Muhammad
November 07, 2015 @12:52 am
the clone white devils know who we are,black people
reginald burnett
November 05, 2015 @04:45 am
the first shall be last(blacks),and the last(black)shall be first,
reginald burnett
November 05, 2015 @04:31 am
thank you,for this imformation
reginald burnett
November 05, 2015 @04:29 am
thank you
reginald burnett
December 29, 2014 @01:57 pm
Sister Maryam
December 26, 2014 @01:35 pm
ASA.....yes I read We met the space people. Even Betty and Barney Hills story. Barney said that he saw a man that looked like a German Captain, and that this man projected HIMSELF into his head and told him not to be afraid. I so wondering was that Master Fard. A Old white during an interview said he saw 7 feet tall black people get off of a space craft.
Anthony Muhammad
December 25, 2014 @08:23 am
ASA, Very good article. Made me go back in time as to why I believe that it is true.
Aaqila Muhammad
December 24, 2014 @10:48 pm
After reading the article, I just would like to say Allah-u-Akbar! And that I would love to ride on one of those ships to take a look out in the galaxy. I do not mean to sound silly, but I have always felt a connection with the universe every since I was a child.Oh I believe in the Honorable Louis Farrakhan and I know that he is very powerful and humble. And I heed his warning, but as I look and talk to my Brother and Sisters, I see that the enemy really has his grip on them. Something really drastic has to happen to get their attention.
Stephanie J Muhammad
December 24, 2014 @09:51 pm
As Salaam Alaikum!
Stephanie J Muhammad
December 24, 2014 @08:20 pm
WOW, That all I got to say that when I was in school. My teacher, who had told a UFO (Wheel) had crashed his job was to secure it and a team came and grab the bodies. He say he glanced and saw very short Black Men. This was back in the 50's or early 60's, he was a very light skinned( my teacher) in Air Force with a top security clearance.

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