The upcoming book, UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM: The Source, Proof, and Reality of The Wheels is sure to intrigue, uncover, and challenge conventional ideologies, philosophies, and beliefs. This heavily researched book puts forth challenges to the academic, religious, and scientific scholars to contest the claims regarding the Nation of Islam’s inherent knowledge and association with the modern UFO phenomena—a subject very few are willing to address.

Rather than invite scholars to meaningless arguments, author Ilia Rashad Muhammad urges readers and skeptics to approach his book and this topic with the same scrutiny and sense of reason as they would other academic bodies of knowledge. This way they will have no rational justification for denying the fact that Elijah Muhammad met the Supreme Being and that Louis Farrakhan is guided by that same intelligence aboard those miraculous crafts. These bold claims serve as the primary reason behind the global multi-agency UFO cover-up. It is not the ‘unknown’ factor about UFOs that prompt Government concerns; rather, it is what they actually ‘know’ about these crafts and their association with Black and oppressed people that have them frightened.

Surprisingly, practically all mainstream media outlets, educators, and even critics have avoided the UFO topic at its core. Very seldom have they even addressed this subject in the media. Although public discussions about UFOs may frequently take place, there is hardly any reference to the entity that brought this reality to the modern world. Even more interesting is that even the staunchest critics of Minister Farrakhan won't challenge him on his claims of encountering these wheel-shaped planes. Why not?

Clearly those who have researched this topic know better. Those fair-minded journalists who desire to address this issue are thwarted by systematic constraints within the mainstream media, which is controlled by entities who openly disdain the truth Minister Farrakhan speaks. Otherwise journalists would be bold enough to ask Minister Farrakhan challenging questions regarding his relationship to so-called UFOs. When Ilia Rashad asked Minister Farrakhan why the media does not question him on these matters, he responded with the following words:

I am not a person made by the media. They have decided that it is not in their interest to bring me to the media and ask me questions that they know that I am quite capable of answering. So they would rather keep me away from the media and make people to think that the Minister has passed away.

Something fishy has to be afoot when skeptics refuse to apply skepticism to such audacious claims made by a globally respected leader. The research contained within UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels addresses the ultimate reason behind the worldwide UFO cover-up while proving, demystifying, and explicating the truth about UFOs—their origin, capabilities, and purpose in the modern world. Unlike other so-called UFO experts, Ilia Rashad Muhammad offers the most credible data from the primary source of this global phenomena.

With information readily available to research and examine, there are no excuses why leaders should continue avoiding this issue. All major polls show that nearly half of the American people believe in UFOs while tens of millions have literally witnessed these objects for themselves. This doesn’t even include the other tens of millions from around the globe. With tons of credible reports and countless thousands of photographs and video footage captured weekly, it has become quite apparent that leaders are outright afraid and unqualified to deal with UFOs and the Nation of Islam. This is just one of many reasons why the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is the most qualified person to address this topic 

When will the journalists step up and interrogate this subject? When will educators become smart enough to explore and debate these matters in the realm of academia? When will the skeptics and critics apply objective criticism to this subject as they are expected to? When will religious scholars find the audacity to reason with their own scriptures? More importantly when will the people wake up and question this reality and question the governments that deliberately withhold such information from them? The facts are available to examine, so there are No Excuses left! 


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October 11, 2013 @03:21 am
There have been many UFO sightings throguh the years. However, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. As much as I'd like to believe that there is something to all this, there is still no proof of it. If you simply consider that we are on a small dust speck on the fringes of a huge galaxy, so far away from anything that it would take hundreds, thousands or even millions of years to get here, you have to ask yourself Why would creatures from another planet be here?' We are not special in any way shape or form and our electromagnetic emmisions have barely reached some of the closer stars as of today. What makes you so sure that there is some alien life visiting us?At best, if aliens are really visiting earth, we are being studied by some super advanced civilization much as we study chimpanzees. If they would even bother to try to contact us I would be very certain that our technology and weapons would seem so primative as to be no more than a mild nuisance. Suicide isn't on my list of things to do so I don't think I would be too quick to attack them. More likely, wait and see what they want. But in all honesty, it is so far fetched that I don't waste much time thinking about it.References : Was this answer helpful?

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