Like an unconscious adolescent suddenly awakened from a pipe dream by a responsible parent, some Black traditionalists are showing disdain for those who speak out against the ongoing mistreatment of Black people.

Such is the case with businessman George C. Fraser who recently posted a futile rant against Minister Farrakhan’s critique of President Obama—who chided Blacks to vote for Hillary Clinton, tying his legacy to her potential presidency. George C. Fraser

Knowing the Clintons’ racist policies against Blacks, the Minister stated that Obama should focus his legacy “in the street with your suffering people… And if you can’t go and see about them, then don’t worry about your legacy.” He added, “You fought for the rights of gay people …you fight for Israel. Your people are suffering and dying in the streets!”

The Minister’s accurate critique upset some mainstream Blacks who support the President’s unwarranted loyalty to Mrs. Clinton. In his attempt to rebut the Minister’s critique, Fraser points to a list of about 100 alleged accomplishments of the Obama Administration that are supposedly designed for Black people. However, none of these programs, policies, or initiatives listed are designed to free Blacks from the power structure of white supremacy that has always been designed against them. Many of these so-called accomplishments include items like new child safety standards for e-cigarettes and more benefits to gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens.

These are as little band-aids placed on severe bullet wounds because these ‘accomplishments’ don’t address the dire needs of Black people becoming independent from America’s racist power structure.

To justify Obama’s inattention to Black causes, Fraser states, “President Obama is NOT the BLACK President… He is the President of the United States" as though racism against blacks isn’t an inherently "American" problem that the President should address. It is outright negligence to overlook these core issues that affect every facet of American society! Did Mr. Fraser tell Obama that he's not the President of White Jews when he allotted billions of taxpayer dollars to fund the military operations of Israel? Apparently Black people are of little importance to Mr. Fraser if he thinks the President shouldn’t adequately address the issues of Black America, which affect the whole country. Instead, he hypocritically rants against the one man who is giving his life for Black people.

In what is supposed to be a rhetorical question toward the Minister, Fraser antagonistically asks, “as the leader of a NATION why has HE not done what HE is proclaiming that Obama should have done?”

Farrakhan leading peace efforts in the streets

Fraser foolishly overlooked the FACT that Minister Farrakhan has done EXACTLY what he shunned Obama for not doing—working to save our suffering people in the streets of Chicago and all over the U.S. In FACT, Farrakhan has done more to restore and clean up Black lives and communities than the entire U.S. Government (whose objectives have destroyed black families and communities). Moreover, the Minister does this without the resources or budget that the Government misuses for military weapons, foreign aid, and ineffective domestic programs, and he has been able to accomplish such unparalleled works with powerful entities, agencies, and world governments against him.

Since many ‘old guards’ still believe the American pipe dream will save Black people, here is a short comparative analysis of how an Obama/Clinton legacy matches up against the works of one man’s divine mission to free Black people.

  U.S. Presidential Administrations    The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan 
Provided an $800 Billion bailout helping big corporations and predatory financial institutions in his Stimulus Plan. He bailed out companies whose predatory practices led to the financial crisis that gravely ill-affected Black families and communities With the pennies and dimes of supporters, Minister Farrakhan and the NOI have always implemented the “do for self” program that doesn’t rely on Government or benevolent groups. The NOI utilizes meager resources to develop businesses to build Black families and communities. 
In 1996 when African leaders applauded the work of Min. Farrakhan & the NOI and sought to help the plight of oppressed Black people, the Bill Clinton Administration worked to disallow Louis Farrakhan to accept a donation from Libya to help Black people in America. Yet Obama supports Hilary Clinton who advocated the destabilization of Africa’s movement toward independence. Though Congress passed a law to prohibit Minister Farrakhan from accepting any monetary assistance being offered to him to help his people, he relied totally on the pennies and nickels of his supporters and still remains successful in reforming his people—building independently operated schools in most major cities in the U.S. 

Backed the Murder of African Leader, Muammar Gadhafi, destabilizing Libya and crippling Africa’s steps toward independence from White Western hegemony. 

Unified the struggle of Black America with the struggle of Africa and the Muslim world against Eurocentric Imperialism during his World Friendship Tours.

The NOI has integrally participated in the rebirth and development of the African Union., which Hilary Clinton urged Pres. Obama to help destroy.

Signed the Monsanto Protection Act (H.R. 933) , which protects genetically modified seeds from litigation suits over health risks posed by the crops' consumption.

Blacks already suffer drastically from malnutrition, diabetes, and other diet related illnesses and Obama’s support for this legislation continues this slow genocide that gravely affect Blacks and others. What good is Obamacare when he protects the corporations who are poisoning the masses?

Leads Blacks to acquiring and developing farmland to grow healthy foods empowering them to feed themselves instead of being fed by the merchants of death like Monsanto.

Farrakhan is saving lives by literally providing healthy food and exemplifying healthy living and empowering black neighborhoods through urban farms. Meanwhile, Obama-supported corporations poison the masses. 

Signed a $38 billion military aid pact for Israel in what is considered the largest pledge of bilateral military assistance in US history. The aid includes $500 million a year for missile defense.

He supports the criminal colony of White Israeli’s who mistreat Black people, but there is not one mention of reparations owed to the Black children of slaves who suffered the worst treatment of any people in the annals of verifiable history.

Farrakhan is right! Obama needs to focus on his own neglected Black people!

Reforms and trains Black men into the most disciplined, organized, unarmed army of men known as the Fruit of Islam (FOI) consisting of countless thousands of men who make sacrifices to improve their communities in unprecedented ways that even critics of the NOI admit have been most effective.

The Minister is organizing another 10,000 Fearless to accept the responsibility of resolving conflicts and preventing violence in crime-ridden communities (without Government help).

Obama’s administration protects police departments who are trained by racist, anti-black groups like the ADL who spew venomous lies against progressive black groups. Even Pres. Obama referred to current police practices against Blacks as a “failed policy.” Yet he has done nothing to aid or fund those like Minister Farrakhan whose program reforms and produces upstanding citizens. Anti-Black groups like the ADL are on record for working to stop the NOI from cleaning up crime-ridden, drug-infested black communities. Farrakhan’s followers virtually erased crime and illicit drug distribution in Black communities before the ADL and Jewish groups influenced policies to thwart the NOI’s progress.
The U.S. Government has always maintained policies of disuniting, destabilizing, and destroying Black groups and leaders. The Clinton & Obama Administrations have continued this legacy. Farrakhan has proven to be most effective at galvanizing Black people to unify resources, talents, and skills for the good of building our own communities, i.e. the Million Man March (1995), Million Family March (2000), Millions More Movement (2005), and the Justice Or Else Movement (2010) just to name a few.
America and other European powers colluded to ban Minister Farrakhan from entering the U.K. on the false notion that he expressed racist and anti-Semitic views. Obama’s Administration has done nothing to lift such an unjust ban against the most qualified voice of restoring peace and unity! Even with powerful governments against him, Farrakhan is recognized by other world governments as a head of state and these leaders seek his guidance to restore peace and order to their countries as evidenced in his various World Friendship Tours where he connected the universal struggle for justice among oppressed and downtrodden people of the world.
Obama chastised Black people to support his legacy by voting for Hilary Clinton—who has openly supported groups and policies that destroy Black lives and families via genocide and mass incarceration. Guides the NOI in reforming hardened criminals, drug addicts, and outcasts into upright, sober caretakers of their families and communities in ways that even critics are compelled to applaud

Imagine how much more Farrakhan and the NOI could do for Black America if afforded a mere fraction of the resources that the U.S. Government uses to destroy Black people?

Muhammad Farms

Knowing that true freedom and justice can never be administered under the present construct, Minister Farrakhan has consistently put forth viable programmatic solutions to free Black people from America’s paradigm of white supremacy. Farrakhan is like the ant encouraging other ants to build their own communities, while ‘old guard’ ants still believe the pipe dream that they can find freedom within a predatory spider’s web. A businessman like Mr. Fraser should know better, but instead he chose to attack the one man who is at the forefront of the black liberation struggle. 



November 10, 2016 @08:57 am
I really do not know what is blinding some of our leaders at what we could accomplish if they were to get behind Farrakhan. What is it with Black men and leadership, we all cannot be the boss. If we can accept White people being the boss, why can't we accept our leadership and submit. Especially, a man like Farrakhan, who have proven himself as a leader worthy of our support. It is humbleness that is needed amongst our elite Blacks. We'll get there!
Jeffrey Jackson
October 12, 2016 @10:24 am
I love Min. Louis Farrakhan
Shajuan jeter
October 11, 2016 @06:53 am
Every now and then, some of us need a "Refresher Course". Great Article
Ahmad X Morton
October 10, 2016 @06:50 pm
I vote for Minister Louis Farrakhan as the Leader of this entire planet. (Drop the mic!)
Diane X

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