Age-old Jewish Secrets Point To Farrakhan: Merkabah and The Mother Wheel

For centuries, Jewish rabbis have studied the apocalyptic prophecies of the Hebrew scriptures. Much of these studies involve the coming of God, His angels (in humanly form), and His heavenly war-chariot called “Merkabah”. Because of the intensely intriguing aspects of these prophecies and their meanings, this field of study became exclusive, even among learned Jews. Known as Merkabah mysticism, this secretive school of thought centers largely around the prophetic visions of God’s war chariot—a heavenly vessel that serves as an instrument of God’s destruction of the wicked. Farrakhan & the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Merkabah Wheel

The Wheel: A Dangerous Subject Among Learned Jews

The basis of such concepts of God’s wheel-like war chariot is grounded in the first chapter of Ezekiel—the prophet who was given a vision of God and His angels operating from a huge wheel-shaped vessel along with smaller ones that followed. Because this subject has remained an enigma among Jewish leaders, it has been considered a dangerous subject to discuss outside of their clandestine circles. Rabbi Maimonides, the 12th Century philosopher explained in his seminal work, Guide for the Perplexed, that discussions concerning this chapter of Ezekiel’s wheel (known as Maaseh Merkabah), must be treated with exclusive restrictions: 

We have frequently mentioned in this treatise the principle of our Sages "not to discuss the Maaseh Merkabah even in the presence of one pupil, except he be wise and intelligent; and then only the headings of the chapters are to be given to him." We must, therefore, begin with teaching these subjects according to the capacity of the pupil, and on two conditions, first, that he be wise, i.e., that he should have successfully gone through the preliminary studies, and secondly that he be intelligent, talented, clear-headed, and of quick perception, that is, "have a mind of his own", as our Sages termed it. — Chapter XXXIII 

The mysticism surrounding the Merkabah is considered a dangerous subject, which is why only certain rabbinical leaders have been permitted to engage in its study and even those permitted must meet highly restricted requirements. Writer Jeffrey J. Harrison added, “This chapter is so dangerous, it is forbidden to be read in the regular synagogue service. It led some of Israel's most famous rabbis to engage in strange mystical practices that killed one of them, made another crazy, and led another to heresy. For hundreds of years, even the name of this chapter caused knowledgeable Jews to shudder.” What’s so dangerous about it that it has caused such hysteria? 

Interestingly, this apocalyptic aspect of Jewish thought is inherently tied to today’s hatred and attacks that many Jewish leaders have set against the Nation of Islam (NOI) and it’s leadership—the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The fulfillment of what the Jews have secretly studied for centuries has become manifest in the real world with the coming of Master Fard Muhammad.

It was Master Fard Muhammad (the founder of the NOI) who is responsible for the physical manifestation of a huge wheel-shaped vessel that he revealed to His messenger, Elijah Muhammad, who then began teaching the reality of this plane and its 1500 smaller wheel-shaped crafts to the people. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was given firsthand, intricate details of these crafts, its occupants, and capabilities directly from the one responsible for them. This was in the early 1930s before major UFO concerns, waves of sightings, or official investigations ever took place. During such time, the NOI was labeled a “voodoo cult” by U.S. Authorities, and Muhammad’s talk of these flying wheels was disregarded as gibberish since this was virtually unseen or unheard of back then—that is, until these planes became sighted, encountered, photographed, and filmed by millions in the following decades.

While others brushed aside this core aspect of the NOI’s teachings, learned members of the Jewish community were keenly aware of its significance because the Hebrew prophecies forecasted the anthropomorphic appearance of God occupying a wheel-shaped craft capable of destroying Satan’s domination. The very topic that served as an enigma to Jewish scholars for centuries was revealed to Elijah Muhammad. A Black man with no formal education answered the mysteries that baffled the most learned Jewish mystics and priests. More importantly Muhammad’s NOI remains the first and only entity to give definitive firsthand knowledge about these crafts and the power that guides them. This is because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was physically shown this craft by its creator, Allah (God) who appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad.

The Knower of the unseen, so He makes His secrets known to none Except a messenger whom He chooses. For surely He makes a guard to go before him and after him. (Al-Jinn 72:26-27)

Although studies surrounding the true meaning of prophecies related to God’s war chariot are kept secretive among exclusive Jewish scholars, the Bible and the Holy Qur’an make it known that Allah (God) makes these secrets known to His chosen messenger (see Amos 3:7). The meaning, clarity, and manifestation of such secrets offer proof of the divinity of the one who reveals them to the world.

Elijah Muhammad’s claim to have met God who occupies the heavenly Mother Wheel correlatively fulfills the mysteries surrounding the Merkabah and the tradition of the Jewish Seder. During the Seder, Jews await the biblical Elijah who is associated with God’s heavenly chariot (2 Kings 2-15). This Elijah, along with his empowered servant Elisha, signifies the heralding of the destined Messiah.

It is no coincidence that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad introduced the reality of the wheel-shaped planes (so-called UFOs) to the modern world just as the biblical Elijah demonstrated a connection to God’s heavenly chariot. Nor is it coincidental that upon his departure, the modern Elijah empowered the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to represent him and the God who guides the Mother Wheel. There is no mystery why Minister Farrakhan is the only leader who publicly voices and illustrates his connection to the Mother Wheel and the smaller ones that others call UFOs.

Learned Jews Know Farrakhan’s Divine Connection

Why is it that the Jews who vehemently attack and oppose Minister Farrakhan are completely silent when it comes to his direct connection to the very instrument of God that they have studied for centuries? They know that the presence of the Mother Wheel gives clear evidence concerning the reality of God, His Messiah, and the true people of God’s choice. Moreover, this presence also exposes those who’ve claimed to be God’s chosen, but are actually the Synagogue of Satan. Understanding this clarifies why Merkabah mysticism has remained cautiously secretive among Jews and it also explains their hatred against Minister Farrakhan’s work to restore his people.

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah (God) informs the Believers that those Jews who have received prior revelation are well-aware of the anointed representative when he appears because his actions are congruent with the prophecies they’ve been studying. Despite this knowledge, many Jews would still become the primary opponents against the divine Messenger.

Those whom We have given the Book recognize him as they recognize their sons; (as for) those who have lost their souls, they will not believe. (Al-'An`ām, 6:20)

The fact that many learned Jews know that Minister Farrakhan represents God, yet they continue to plot against him illustrates the same biblical conflict between Jesus and the Jewish leaders whom he described as satanic (John 8:44; Revelation 2:9, 3:9). Though physically unarmed, it is the truth that Minister Farrakhan speaks and the known power of these circular crafts backing him that has the wickedly wise and powerful ones trembling. UFOs & The NOI

According to Strong’s Concordance, Merkabah (מֶרְכָּבָה) is a feminine noun, signifying God’s war chariot. Although the term Merkabah is not explicitly stated in the scriptures, rabbinical scholars applied the name from the Hebraic triliteral root R-K-B (rekeb), which is used frequently in the scriptures to describe the wheel of a chariot, which resembles a circular millstone. Hence, the etymological root of Merkabah connotes a feminine vessel associated with a circular wheel. Again, it is no coincidence that what was revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad denotes a feminine-styled Mother Wheel, which is exactly what Jewish mystics have long described as the war chariot of God.

The truth behind today’s UFO phenomena largely explains why many Jews consider a peaceful man like Minister Farrakhan as a dangerous threat to their influence over worldly affairs. The real Merkabah—the Mother Wheel that he represents is the direct, real-world fulfillment of what Jewish leaders have long known would manifest. They know Minister Farrakhan is the representative of this divinely supreme power of God! 

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  • William Muhammad
    William Muhammad
    It would be to their advantage to make this truth known openly.

    It would be to their advantage to make this truth known openly.

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