Attempts To Belittle Minister Farrakhan Become Futile

Once again, it is obvious that certain Black persons under the influence of White-Jewish control have been sent out to discredit the unparalleled work of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Tony Norman, writer for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently posted an articled entitled, “Outside Nation of Islam, Farrakhan is nobody's leader.” Norman claimed, “While media have always exaggerated his influence on black folks when outside the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan is nobody's leader.” It’s obvious that Mr. Norman needs to do his research instead of conveying the errant lies of his White Jewish superiors.

Strangely, Mr. Norman forgot about The Million Man March where over a million Black men responded to the leadership of The Honorable Louis Farrakhan. The Million Man March was the largest demonstration of Black Unity and Peace in the history of the known world wherein Black men rallied to accept the responsibility to protect and provide for their families and restore the Black community.  Over 90% of the march participants were not members of The Nation Of Islam, yet they responded to the call of a man who Tony Norman claims has no leadership role outside the Nation Of Islam. Based on the responses of The Million Man March of 1995, The Million Family March of 2000, and The Millions More Movement of 2005, it appears that Farrakhan’s Leadership is perhaps more prevalent outside the Nation Of Islam.

Comparatively speaking, each of the aforementioned marches led by Minister Farrakhan had more support from the Black community than the March on Washington, allegedly led by Dr. Martin Luther King of 1963. The March in 1963 was not independently orchestrated or financed by Black people; instead, it was organized by known Zionists like Rabbi Joachim Prinz (President of American Jewish Congress), and other Negroes under their influence. Even President Kennedy eventually endorsed the March of 1963 when it was agreed that the federal government could have input into it (Trueman, 2001). Minister Farrakhan, however, led the most independently organized and funded march whose participants reflected every facet of The Black community.

Maybe Mr. Norman is just ignorant of the fact that the people voted Minister Farrakhan as's 2005 Person of the Year. Minister Farrakhan came out far a head of Oprah Winfrey, BET founder Robert Johnson, former Sen. Barack Obama (now President of The U.S.) and The People of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina  (Urban, 2006). That’s an awful lot of influence for a person whose leadership is not supposed to extend outside of the Nation Of Islam.

Let’s use common sense. If Minister Farrakhan was as insignificant as Tony Norman attempts to make him seem, then why does the White-Jewish community remain in such an uproar whenever this ‘simple Black man’ speaks with other leaders to address issues in the Black community? If Farrakhan’s leadership is relegated to the Believers in The Nation Of Islam, then why have the world’s powerful governments like the U.S. and The U.K. ban this insignificant man from addressing the UK? Why have Whites and Jews threatened to withdraw funding from most Black leaders and celebrities for associating with Minister Farrakhan if he doesn’t have enormous influence and appeal outside of the NOI?

It is a slap in the face to Black people to belittle the work of a man who has positively influenced every facet of human endeavor in immeasurable ways. World leaders throughout Africa, The Middle East, Asia, and even Europe consult Minister Farrakhan on their foreign and domestic affairs. Farrakhan was the first individual from the Western Hemisphere to address The Islamic Revolution in Iran where he spoke to over 5 million at the request of the Iranian people in 1996.

It’s apparent that people like Tony Norman are not qualified to effectively discuss race matters as long as their words are conveyed through the White-Jewish influenced media outlets.  His words must be approved by those in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. On the other side of the spectrum there is the leadership of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who is the most independent voice in Black America. This is why every Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and poor White person should continue to support the progressive works of the uncompromising leadership of Brother Farrakhan… Who the hell is Tony Norman anyway?



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