Earl Ofari Hutchinson Takes The Negro Position, Lies On Farrakhan


Earl Ofari Hutchinson has recently entered the company of other misguided journalists who side with America’s imperialist corporate agenda against the good of Black and oppressed people around the globe. As The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan recently held a press conference near The United Nations headquarters where he spent over an hour exposing The United States imperialists agenda against Africa and the Middle East, Hutchinson implicitly accused the most independent leader in America of pandering to the Libyan leader Muamar Gadhafi for money. The audacious lies against The Minister demonstrates Hutchinson’s willingness to go all out to please his ‘massa’.


In his article entitled, Is Gadhafi's financing of Farrakhan paying off?, Hutchinson boldly lied on Minister Farrakhan by stating, “he has remained stone silent on the abuses of Gadhafi and other African and Arab dictators”. Did Hutchinson even listen to the Minister’s press conference where Farrakhan chided all those corrupt African and Eastern leaders who were “sucking the blood” of Africa? Did he hear Minister Farrakhan’s international Saviours’ Day address, where he spoke on Gadhafi’s handling of the Libyan people? Somehow Mr. Hutchinson overlooked these words and over 40 decades of Minister Farrakhan lambasting the wicked governments and leaders of the world. Not only is Hutchinson’s statement a lie, but it’s a dumb one that’s easily refuted with decades of evidence to support Minister Farrakhan’s position. No leader in America has continuously been more blatantly outspoken against corrupt world leadership than Minister Farrakhan, for it is a foundational belief of the Nation Of Islam that God will set down all the corrupt leaders and tyrants in the world, especially America. Since 1930, the NOI leadership, has continuously espoused this position before the world. Certainly, Mr. Hutchinson is aware of these truths since he was once a guest columnist in The Final Call Newspaper (the official news publication of The NOI).


Hutchinson added to his previous lie that the Minister’s criticism of America and Israel “hasn't moved him one bit to utter a word against them [other African and Arab leaders] and their practices.” During the same press conference that Hutchinson gravely twisted, Minister Farrakhan quoted The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Holy Qur’an which give warning to Mecca (the Mother town of Arabia). How did Hutchinson overlook The Minister’s criticism of these governments? Why would a seasoned journalist print such obvious lies? Perhaps it’s another case of an intelligent Black journalist being coerced into spewing the irrational arguments of his ‘massa’.  Since the American powers can’t refute the truth of The Honorable Minister Farrakhan, it’s normal for them to send out a “good Negro” to convey their message. Hutchinson’s unwarranted lies against Minister Farrakhan give reason to question his motives and his financial supporters. It is suspicious that a person considered sane would write such highly illogical claims despite apparent evidence.


Throughout his article, he mentioned nothing in regard to the list of facts that Minster Farrakhan conveyed regarding America’s deceit and hypocritical position against the Libyan leader, nor can he rebut one aspect of Gadhafi’s history spoken during the recent press conference. Huchinson stated that “thousands of Libyans vehemently see Gadhafi as a maniacal, blood drenched tyrant.” Libya has a population of 6.5 million, which shows that millions more of the vast majority of Libyans don’t see him as such. It’s simple mathematics. America has over a hundred million people who vehemently oppose the current President of The United States. Based on these facts, shouldn’t Mr. Hutchinson change his views concerning Libya?


It’s a grave insult to all Black people to besmirch the character of The Honorable Louis Farrakhan who has a track record of exposing the oppressor and defending the oppressed. It’s a shame that Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s position lacks basic logic. If Minister Farrakhan is defending Ghadafi because of a measly loan from the 1980’s, then how would one explain Minister Farrakhan’s motive for defending the poor and oppressed people around the world at the expense of his own life for several decades? How would he explain Farrakhan turning down hundreds of millions of dollars from Arabs who wanted him to stop teaching Elijah Muhammad’s message? It takes a sick mind to write such foolishness, especially for one who knows better.


During his press conference Minister Farrakhan stated, “media is controlled management of the news to support policies that are wicked. This was done in the lead up to the war in Iraq.” Hutchinson proves Minister Farrakhan’s words to be true. As a journalist, Hutchinson did not use any of his journalistic responsibility to speak out against America’s unjust rape and murder of Africa. Who is controlling Mr. Hutchinson that he can’t demonstrate the testicular fortitude to speak out against the most racist and oppressive regime on earth? Who is paying him to spread illogical lies against Minister Farrakhan? His position is reminiscent of those slaves who ratted out Nat Turner to seek approval from the slave masters. 

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