The American public, particularly Black people, have been dissuaded from researching the UFO phenomena because it proves that Elijah Muhammad met the Supreme Being (God), which is why governments have shrouded this topic in mystery and secrecy. If widely known, such a truth would change the entire concept of education, religion, and society. Hence, scholars of science, academics, and theology avoid dealing with the Nation Of Islam (NOI) and Minister Farrakhan concerning this topic.

The UFO phenomena has everything to do with Allah's (God) messianic intervention in humanity's affairs as taught by the NOI. This can be proven in the most practical terms via empirical data (not just religious interpretations). Believers, skeptics, and objective researchers are strongly encouraged to scrutinize our evidence as they would any other body of knowledge. This will eliminate any excuses not to bear witness to the truth! Please consider reading UFOs And The Nation Of Islam: The Source, Proof, and Reality of The Wheels and contact us to begin a scholarly dialogue on this important subject. 

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