While some may not see the relevance that the subject of UFOs may have in their personal lives, there are a few concepts that should be considered. In a world where a vast majority of people follow religious beliefs and traditions, none of the major world religions have a solidified doctrine concerning UFOs. If UFOs exist as contemporary data shows, then most religious ideologies would be seriously questioned if not debunked altogether. Billions of religious adherents would be left with unanswered questions.

History has shown that when certain scientific discoveries conflicted with the dominant religious beliefs, those who brought such discoveries were often ridiculed, deemed heretic, and even killed. When Galileo Galilei’s findings concluded that the earth revolved around the sun, his greatest opposition came from the church leaders under Pope Urban VIII. Although Galileo was much more accurate than the church during a time when they believed the sun revolved around a flat earth, he was vilified, threatened, and charged with heresy because his findings conflicted with the Roman Church of that time.[1] Like the days of Galileo in the 1600s, a similar mindset exists somewhat dominantly in modern religion. This is demonstrated in the reluctance of many theologians to even acknowledge the reality of UFOs, much less reconcile this reality with conventional religious thought. Imagine the responses toward traditional religious beliefs if the people realized that these crafts and higher beings exist when their religion cannot explain them. How would preachers reconcile this concept with conflicting religious traditions?

Consider the possible apostasy[2] that could take place if the people realize they have been deceived all this time. Perhaps this may explain why so many religious scholars have deliberately turned a deaf ear to the Nation of Islam when it comes to the topic of UFOs and theology. If theologians acknowledge UFOs as a reality, they would have to acknowledge the entity that introduced these crafts to the modern world. To do so would force religions to accept the fact that a mild-mannered Black man from Georgia may have actually met the Supreme Being. It would be almost unheard of for religious denominations to openly admit that a child of slaves was taught by God. This may also explain why few religious sects that believe in UFOs fail to credit Elijah Muhammad for bringing such a message to the world. Interestingly, all modern religious sects that believe in UFOs as an inherent part of their theology started believing after the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s public ministry. Some of those groups include The Church of Scientology founded in the early 1950s, The Aetherius Society founded in the United Kingdom in 1955, The Industrial Church of the New World Comforter founded in 1973, The Raëlian Church founded in 1974, and The Church of the SubGenius founded in 1979. Is it a coincidence that these groups and their beliefs all formed several years, even decades after the Nation of Islam brought the initial message?

J. Gordon Melton claims that the Ascended Master Teachings was the first group to accept a belief in UFOs.[3] Such an argument is easily invalidated. The Ascended Master Teachings, also known as “I AM" Activity, was founded in the 1930s by Guy Ballard. Ballard’s religious teachings and publications never mentioned anything regarding flying vessels or spacecraft that can be equated to what are now referred to as UFOs. In fact, the attribution of UFOs to the Ascended Master Teachings did not come about until decades later by other UFO enthusiasts outside of their sect. Not only is it evident that Muhammad’s Nation of Islam was the first to offer a solidified knowledge of these crafts as an integral part of their theology, but Muhammad remains unparalleled in answering the specific details about these planes that modern religion, education, and science have yet to answer! 

This is what hinders religious leaders from acknowledging the UFO phenomenon because it proves that Elijah Muhammad must have encountered the Supreme Being. This further distinguishes why Minister Louis Farrakhan is the only leader who can audaciously proclaim that those wheel-like crafts guide and protect him. He knows what he's talking about.

UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels proves beyond doubt that these crafts exist, that they are the tangible work of God who commissioned Elijah Muhammad, and it proves that Louis Farrakhan is divinely guided by the same power of those wheel-like planes.

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[2] apostasy: n. an abandonment from a religious ideology or religious order.

[3]  Christopher Partridge, UFO Religions (Routledge, 2003)

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    Furrealz? That's malsleouvry good to know.

    Furrealz? That's malsleouvry good to know.

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