U.S. Government & Social Media Collaborate Against Farrakhan and Black People

Early American legislators vowed to close “every avenue” of light from entering the mind of the slaves. Modern America operates upon the same paradigm. Preventing the truth from reaching the minds of Black and poor people has been one of the primary objectives of the U.S. Government’s covert operations. It’s no secret that those who control the mainstream media have a malicious agenda against the Honorable Minister Farrakhan. This is proven and demonstrated through a decades-long multi-media onslaught against the words, efforts, and character of the Minister and his supporters.


Despite the Minister’s clearly documented and recorded words, the media has continuously recycled the same lies and false innuendos. If you’ve ever heard that “Farrakhan called Judaism a gutter religion” or that “he had something to do with the assassination of Malcolm X” then my point is proven. There are no facts or evidences that would lead a thinking person to render any of those conclusions on their own; instead, such falsities can only be derived with the help of the media’s propaganda.


For example, if you think Brother Baines helped Malcolm X to see the light while in prison or had anything to do with Malcolm X whatsoever, then you came to that conclusion with the help of Hollywood. Baines was a fictional character in the Movie Malcolm X. There was no such person in real life. Although this character made the movie interesting, it should be noted that Hollywood does not represent History nor is it their intention to accurately portray the facts, especially when it comes to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. 


After Student Minister Ava Muhammad exposed and dismantled Lifetime TV’s false propaganda against the Minister (see video), those who control the mainstream media have reached another all-time low. Twitter has suddenly taken away nearly tens of thousands of Minister Farrakhan’s Twitter followers almost overnight! With well over 160,000 Twitter followers acquired in less than a year, something has surreptitiously caused several thousands to suddenly disappear, leaving the Minister with just under 144,000 during the time of this writing.


It is no surprise that Twitter has allowed such chicanery to take place against the Minister. After all, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media have been used by U.S. Intelligence to infiltrate and subvert foreign nations. Quite naturally they would apply similar methods to sway the public against the truth that Minister Farrakhan speaks. Now that Hollywood’s latest plot to discredit Minister Farrakhan has been foiled, the media moguls have resorted to desperate measures to prevent the people from the light of Farrakhan’s wisdom.


Consider this, the Minister’s enemies have all the media conglomerates at their disposal including all the major television networks, internet search engines, social media platforms, and radio affiliates. Until now, the Minister’s primary media resources have been the distribution of The Final Call Newspaper (during an age of a dwindling literacy) and his webcasted videos. His burgeoning Twitter following has become a major avenue whereby the people could readily access Minister Farrakhan’s clear words for themselves. Now it seems that platform has been manipulated by forces outside of Farrakhan and those who follow him.


So what has caused multimedia conglomerates to fear one man’s words so much that they have put so much effort to prevent his words from reaching the people? It is highly implausible to believe that thousands of his Twitter followers have suddenly vanished on their own cognition, especially considering his rising numbers during his The Time And What Must Be Done lecture series every week. In the last few days, the Minister’s Twitter following was growing exponentially. It’s far too strange that a sudden sporadic exodus would take place during a time when his popularity continues to flourish in Black America. Simply put, there is something strange afoot, and the same entities who have covertly worked to discredit the Honorable Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam are at it again. In fact, they never stopped. It is public record that the U.S. Government and the media have diligently worked to destroy the NOI, its reputation, and its leadership. 


As one who studiously follows the leadership of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan, I often ask the question, “What if people were able to actually hear Minister Farrakhan’s message for themselves without his words and efforts being filtered through Hollywood’s malicious spin doctors?” Imagine how enlightened and productive the people would be if they could benefit from the guidance of the Minister’s words. Even If you are not bold enough to follow his wisdom in life, at least be wise enough to follow @LouisFarrakhan on Twitter (even if they somehow ‘unfollow’ you).


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