ANSWERED (Documentary Series)

ANSWERED The Prelude Episode 1

ANSWERED - Episode 2 - The Coming Of God (Available July 21, 2024 for Online Streaming)


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UFOs And The Nation Of Islam

Exposing The War Against Islam

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Since mainstream media conglomerates have practically censored the truth concerning UFOs and The Nation Of Islam (NOI) from their platforms, our supporters have demanded that we produce our own video documentary series to prove the truth of this heavily misunderstood topic and why it is of utmost importance to our people, America, and the world. 

The NOI has challenged the world's leaders and scholars to contend with the Black Muslims' direct connection to the modern UFO phenomenon. Yet none have been bold enough to publicly contest this truth. Led by Ilia Rashad Muhammad (author of UFOs And The Nation of Islam), this Docu-series will highlight the evidence that religious leaders are afraid to address and the proof that governments don't want you to know. 

Help make this independent project a success by contributing to the campaign.