The Whitewashing of Malcolm X 

The enemy has whitewashed and repackaged Malcolm X to suit their wicked agendas, but we separate facts from fiction. Share and spread far and wide.
#MalcolmX #Assassination 

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Read "Exposing The War Against Islam" to see why white supremacy is most threatened by Islam's empowering affect on the darker people! See how the big secret about UFOs has everything to do with how the Nation of Islam (NOI) is directly connected to the supreme power of these wheel-shaped…

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America’s Whitewashed Education: Continued Slavery 

Wouldn’t it be wise to study the educational pedagogy of a man who brought over a million Black men together in one place without one fight or argument—especially when schools can barely survive a day without heated altercations? 


Understand why America hates for Blacks to become financially independent from their systemic control! #JusticeOrElse


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The real ‘thought police’ are monitoring the Internet to restrict and suppress online content that exposes the gatekeepers of white supremacy. Big Brother Is Watching You!


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The Freaks Of The Industry 

Why are most leaders too afraid to challenge the real Illuminati/Synagogue of Satan who have perverted and corrupted the world through their control of mass media? Who else besides Minister Farrakhan is bold enough to expose and share this truth? 

These are the people who call Minister Farrakhan “anti-Semitic” and call the Nation Of Islam a “hate group.”  Here’s what they’re trying to hide?

The Death Plotters Against Black People! 

For centuries the original people (the darker races) have been the targeted victims of genocide. Knowing the true identity of this “chosen people,” White American leaders (led by Jews) have plotted against the lives of Black people. Now these killers are upset with Minister Farrakhan for exposing their evils! 

FarrakhanThe Jewish Controversy - WLOK Radio Interview with Ilia Rashad Muhammad 

After the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful, fact-based Saviours’ Day lecture, White-Jewish leaders are pressuring Black leaders to denounce their own Black brother for telling the truth that exposes the Jewish hand in oppressing Blacks around the globe. Educator, Ilia Rashad Muhammad, addresses this controversy during an interview with WLOK Radio in Memphis.

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UFOs And The Nation Of Islam

Exposing The War Against Islam

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