UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels

UFOs were identified and answered before the public had any concerns or questions about them! This research puts forth challenging arguments that offer substantial proof and documented evidence regarding the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) inherent relationship to the modern UFO phenomena. This compendium of data answers what academics, researchers, and even UFOlogists have deliberately avoided.

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How did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad know so much about UFOs before there were any public concerns or investigations? Why did the U.S. Government arrest him after they encountered a huge circular UFO in 1942? How is it that Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan have boldly challenged the world to disprove their connection to these wheel-like crafts and no one has challenged them? "UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM" addresses these and several more questions about the UFO Phenomenon that other researchers cannot answer with verity. Unlike other researchers, theorists, pundits, and skeptics, this book uses the most reliable primary sources regarding this topic—sources that others have deliberately omitted.


With over 400 footnotes for ease of verification, This compendium of research challenges and debunks the propaganda, the pundits, and virtually all major UFO related publications that deliberately omit the most reliable and authoritative source on this topic.

The UFO cover-up is not simply to hide the fact that such planes exist; instead, the cover-up is to prevent the public from knowing the source of power behind these crafts.” – Ilia Rashad Muhammad 

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Exposing The War Against Islam

“I know what the real war is! It doesn’t have anything to do with “terrorism”—that’s the cover! Underneath that cover is a war against Islam.”The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

After hosting the Nation Of Islam’s international plenary session titled “The War On Islam: 9/11 Revisited, Uncovered, & Exposed,” whose hashtag #WarOnIslam trended number one on Twitter that day, Ilia Rashad Muhammad is once again hitting the national spotlight, bringing attention to issues that go largely unchallenged.

In his latest book, Exposing The War Against Islam, he has returned with another anticipated publication—this time he’s revealing and exposing the powerful culprits and groups most responsible for the centuries-long attacks against Blacks and Muslims, as well as those behind today’s infamous “War on Terror.”

Muhammad’s research and analyses further expose the conspiracies and culprits behind the orchestrated rise of Islamophobia, while offering viable solutions stemming from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s frequently-overlooked program.

Following after his teacher, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Ilia Rashad Muhammad is sure to upset some very powerful groups with the unimpeachable evidence he brings to this discourse. Seeking to combat the propaganda that breeds the ignorance and unjustified hatred of Muslims, this book aims to prevent and avert the unwarranted killing of Blacks, Muslims, and disadvantaged populations that the West has antagonistically victimized for centuries, especially in the post 9/11 era.

These wars and atrocities won’t end unless the real perpetrators are exposed and brought to justice. Hence, the research that Muhammad documents becomes necessary for this process to take place. Educators, students, leaders, and concerned citizens would be remiss not to consider its contents.

“The archdeceivers force war against themselves. Their ultimate aim is to do as their people always have done—try to destroy the preacher of truth and those who believe and follow him.”The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

With 267 pages and well over 300 footnotes and references, this research is sure to open the eyes of the oppressed and upset the oppressive powers.

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A Complete Dictionary Of The Supreme Wisdom Lessons (Out of Stock)

This book is a helpful resource for every student in The Nation Of Islam. Every word from The Supreme Wisdom Lessons has been clearly defined for your convenience. Don't be without this valuable tool to enhance the study, understanding, and application of the wisdom given by Allah (God) to His Messiah for The Lost-Found Members of The Nation Of Islam. Endorsed by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, no Registered Believer should be without this resource because their is more to be understood in every word.

For those who missed out on The Saviours' Day Gift from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, get your copy today for $25 USD. Free shipping within the U.S. only. Contact us directly for international rates.

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"Brothers and Sisters, you all get busy and help to Arise the dead Nation, and place them on top of civilization."

In The Light Of Scripture (Out of Stock)

A "must have" for those willing to understand, share, or defend the truth of The Nation Of Islam's theology. With over 250 pages filled with hundreds of scriptural exegesis that demonstrate different aspects of The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his chief student, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, no student should be without this spiritual sword. This book is easily organized for the reader to find scriptural prophecies including the following categories: God is a man, The Chosen People of God, The Devil, America in prophecy, & much more. - Now updated with additional Hadith references that verify and substantiate the NOI theology.

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