The Movement Worth Supporting: Black Independence!

The Nation of Islam (NOI) has consistently proven to be of the greatest threats to America’s system of white supremacy, and one of the most effective programs toward black independence. Though the U.S. has spent countless millions of taxpayer dollars to destroy this movement, the NOI continues to produce schools, farmland, businesses, and revolutionaries for black independence. Ilia Rashad Muhammad sheds light on this overlooked history, and why this is a movement worthy of our praise and support.  

If the NOI can threaten the world’s superpower with limited resources, imagine what more can be done with our help. Support the National Saviours’ Day Gift drive to help Minister Farrakhan continue with proven results. 

You can send any donation amount directly to the NOI Saviours’ Day Gift on behalf of Bro. Ilia Rashad. Let's raise $10K from this site!