With tens of millions of UFO sightings in the U.S. and countless millions more throughout the world, the highly acclaimed book UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels by Ilia Rashad Muhammad provides forthright answers to the modern UFO phenomena, highlighting the fact that Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam, introduced the reality of these wheel-shaped crafts to the modern world before any widespread reports, concerns, or investigations. 

This research puts forth challenging arguments that offer substantial proof and documented evidence regarding the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) inherent relationship to the modern UFO phenomena—a proven relationship that has too long been avoided by journalists and researchers alike. This compendium of data answers what academics, theologians, and even UFOlogists have deliberately avoided. Why did the U.S. Government arrest Elijah Muhammad shortly after they encountered a huge circular UFO in 1942? How is it that Minister Louis Farrakhan has boldly and continuously challenged the world to disprove the Nation of Islam’s connection to these wheel-like crafts and no one has challenged him, not even his staunchest critics? UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM addresses these and several more questions about the UFO Phenomenon that others have failed to address, using the most reliable primary sources regarding the topic of these circular UFOs. 

As mainstream depictions promote that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, this idea has never been grounded in evidence. Hence, this book challenges and debunks common misperceptions about UFOs with highly reasonable, incontestable evidence, leaving no room for even the staunchest critics to doubt. 

Comprised to offer clarity for those who already acknowledge the existence of UFOs, UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM also provides a clearly documented, easy-to-follow prose for the skeptics. The incontestable data makes it practically asinine for any reasonable thinker to negate the source, proof, and reality being presented. 

UFOs And The Nation Of Islam 

Brief Points Of Interest

Listed below are a few brief points of interest that UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels explicates:

  • * Answers the perplexing questions concerning the worldwide UFO phenomena including their origins, purposes, and the intelligence behind the highly-advanced circular crafts referred to as UFOs, while debunking common misperceptions and theories about them using highly-authentic, verifiable data.
  • * Illustrates how the Honorable Elijah Muhammad first introduced this reality to the modern world before any widespread UFO reports, concerns, jargon, or investigations, serving as tangible proof that he was taught and commissioned directly by the Supreme Being.
  • * Exposes the decades-long, global, multi-agency UFO cover-up, which attempt to conceal the fact that these wheel-shaped planes prove the Nation of Islam’s connection to this superior power. In so doing, the book explicates the heightening dichotomous relationship between world governments and institutional powers as it relates to UFOs.
  • * Provides cogent evidences through historical accounts, scientific reports, statistical data, logical arguments, and scriptural support that vindicate the Nation of Islam’s direct connection to these objects. Also the book presents linguistic and etymological references that definitively clarify this relationship while elucidating the prophetic exegeses regarding these crafts in the sacred scriptures of the Bible (Torah and Gospel) and the Holy Qur’an and illustrates the fulfillment of such prophecies in the real world.
  • * Distinguishes that the September 17, 1985 Vision-like Experience of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan is an authentic denotation of his divine connection to the power of the wheels. Hence, this research renders circumstantial and highly reasonable evidence that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is physically alive and that the intelligence from the wheels played an instrumental part in his rescue just as it was divinely foretold.
  • * Provides over 450 footnotes and citations for ease of verification of the vast body of data that give credence to the research, putting special emphasis on the most credible primary sources on the subject matter of so-called UFOs—sources that far too many UFO researchers deliberately omit from their public reports and discussions.


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